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State-of-the-Art Glass and Architectural Metal
(STRICTLY Consultations by Glass Possible)

Ask us about our new CLEAR Solar Photovoltaic Window Glass, safety laminated, insulated and tempered!

Feel the warmth: RADIANT HEAT GLASS Technology
to STOP COLD & Melt Ice/Snow to create Comfort or Visual Security!


Past Projects (For reference only. Scroll down and select)

Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass for...

Entertainment Industry







Specialty Items

Low 'e' and Radiant Heat Glass

Sun Control Glass

Restoration and Historical Glass

Conventional Glass

New York Times glass office

JFK Airport glass room

Madison Ave. Revolving Door

Corrugated Chicken Wire Glass Roof Panel for MOMA

Custom Viracon Glass for MOMA

glass door & windows

glass installation

glass wall

revolving door

Air France tempered glass railing

blue tabletop

Cablevision mirror finished stainless steel gate

curved shower doors

curved skylight

29th Street

Tadiran safety glass

Park Avenue glass wall

High-tech glass consulting by Glass Possible is fast, easy and customized to your exact requirements. Our glass has been used in buildings, offices, homes, hospitals, museums, tour buses, yachts and beyond as architectural features, windows, safety and security barriers, internal glazed partitions and in a myriad of other ways. We'll help you choose the right kind of
High Tech Glass for your application.

Glass Possible has evolved into a worldwide custom technology solutions provider and THE premiere nationwide source for glass and architectural metal consultations of the highest calibre.

Contact us now and you can be confident that your information is safe, as we will NEVER sell or trade your information.

Contact us now about our new breakthrough offering: CLEAR Solar Photovoltaic Glass which can generate 4 watts per square foot for immediate powering of devices, connection to your building's electrical system, or charging of your back-up power supply!

More details!

Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass by Glass Possible

Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass for the home, office, yacht, health care environment and beyond is a state-of-the-art made-in-America glass application featuring privacy-on-demand. At the fllck of a switch, the glass instantaneously switches from clear-to-private or private-to-clear. Our custom creations are fast becoming popular with architects, designers, builders, and consumers as they eliminate the requirement for shades, curtains or blinds while providing a clean, sleak, and ultramodern look. The liquid crystal within the multi-layered glass protects fine furnishings, carpets and displays from UV damage. Learn more and contact us today with your inquiry.

Mirrors and Plastics by Glass Possible

Mirrors and plastics are essential products for certain projects. Types of mirrors include acrylic mirrors, plastic mirrors, traffic safety mirrors, two-way mirrors, transparent mirrors, see-through mirrors, one-way mirrors and more. Mirrors are commonly used in homes, businesses, health clubs and gyms. Plastics are used for many applications including fabrication for construction, and can be easily and affordably customized.

Under development: Switchable Privacy Plastic!

Glass Possible partners with Laurence Gartel, the Father of Digital Art

Glass Possible has partnered with Laurence Gartel, the "FATHER" of Digital Art, to create a series of glass art works which present his creativity through this one-of-a-kind medium. Gartel is recognized as the man who revolutionized digital art before the introduction of the personal computer. Recently, Gartel's Art Cars were the feature presentation of the 2013 New York International Auto Show and Glass Possible staff, including our Glen Greenberg, were honored to attend in order to present the collaborative artworks.

At Glass Possible,
"Service Is Our Business!"

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